The Glasgow Blues Dancers

It was a dull and rainy Tuesday night and I had just landed in Glasgow after 2 very long days in London when my mobile data connection kicked in and…”Ping!”…Facebook notified me that someone had just left a message on the Glasgow Blues Players page.

I’d recently had an article published in “Blues In Britain” magazine, in which I had mentioned my plans for the future which were to include “a series of 1 day spontaneous interactions with the people of Glasgow”.  One of the projects that I had in mind was to collaborate with some dancers in one of Glasgow’s busiest streets on a Saturday afternoon when the city would be buzzing and photograph Glaswegians as they were spontaneously invited to dance to the music of accompanying Blues buskers.  I’d never managed to get any further with that idea but it was always in the back of my mind.

As I sat in the bus from the airport to the Long-Stay car park I read the message on my phone…

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Kirk LothianBachus