New Artist Video Series

The first video in this new series features Scottish Alternative Blues Artist Dave Arcari!!!


Special Guest Geoff Achison interview now published


The new album

website exclusive

Image: Fraser Speirs with the SAR Loco 3007 @ The Riverside Museum

The "Album"

This is an online album only and serves as a showcase for the diverse talent within the city of Glasgow. 


A Little About the New Site...


I am extremely proud and excited about the new website and hope that it can further lift the profile of the Glasgow Blues Players.  During the last 3 years I have interviewed and photographed some incredible people and it has been a fantastic experience.  Memories that stick out are:

  • Meeting with friends and finding out histories that I had no idea about
  • Meeting with people I had never known and making good friends from the experience
  • Meeting world renowned Blues artists and being allowed to photograph and ask them about their experiences (all the while thinking..."How the hell did this happen?")
  • Working with Sky Arts as a resource for the "Unsigned Heroes" series  
  • Articles I have written appearing in Blues publications


A quick word on the Blue & White theme going on at the top of the site pages:  This is a nod to Chess Records who were/are so instrumental in the promotion of the Blues.



I would like to think that this is YOUR site and, unlike some larger entities, I am open to everything that you have to say on how to give our Blues community what it needs to expand.

GET IN TOUCH!  If something isn't working...tell me.  If you have a great idea...let me know. 

Email me at with your ideas.  I can't wait to hear from you!

As I hope to highlight over the coming years, it is not just the music that makes the Glasgow Blues such a world-class scene, it is the people of Glasgow themselves!  Keep an eye on the "Blues Fans" section as it grows :-)

All the best,



Next Album in progress, which will focus on female artists within the city of Glasgow. 

 Title and Album cover undecided but one thing is for certain!  With talents like Linda Jaxson,

Charlotte Marshall, Little Miss Debbie, Violet Leighton, Angela Higney, Melissa Kelly,  Tamira Herrebrugh and soooooo many

more there is one of several albums worth of material coming your way in the very near future.

From a purely selfish perspective here is a version of   "After Midnight"  by Violet Leighton. 

I had the priviledge to play keyboards on this track and it was recorded live with no overdubs on the second take. 

Vocals; Violet Leighton, Guitar: Al Brown, Bass: Jack Casey, Drums Charlie Nadgy, Keys: Kirk Lothian



Lloyd Reid interview and photo-shoot

As a photographer, every once in a while you find yourself standing in a location and a light-bulb switches on inside your head.  The light-bulb moment was a Winnebago with Lloyd Reid standing in front of it playing a guitar.  Lo and behold, look to the right and there it is.

Philosophy, surreal moments, one armed bikers and the realisation of life-long ambition feature heavily in this encounter... 

Lloyd Reid with Hofner Acoustic and Ancient Winnebago

Lloyd Reid with Hofner Acoustic and Ancient Winnebago

Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown

Blues Fan Interview - Gerry Brown

Catching up with ardent Blues follower Gerry Brown over a pint in Oran Mor.

Gerry has supported the Glasgow music scene for the best part of 50 years and still going strong.



Featured Articles

Glasgow Blues Dancers

It was a dull and rainy Tuesday night and I had just landed in Glasgow after 2 very long days in London when my mobile data connection kicked in and…”Ping!”…Facebook notified me that someone had just left a message on the Glasgow Blues Players page.

Sam Kelly

There are times when people will tell you that a certain combination of chords, rhythms or styles will not work together.  I do not believe in adhering to the theoretical approach to composition and tend to throw ideas into the mix that at times, go against the rules.  If it jars then we will take it out, if not then “’Let’s do it!”.  You very often do not get the freedom to work like that so this is very much a case of taking control and trying to produce something that I have always wanted to do. 

Martin Harley

A couple of months later I received a YouTube link of the broadcast which I passed on to Martin and asked, “Do you have any recollection of us doing this?!”  And Martin replied “No…Why am I wearing  tie?  And why don’t I have any shoes on??!!)

Devon Alman

Fate yet again played a hand in allowing me to be able to catch up with Devon during his UK tour early 2016.  We talked about playing, family and The Southern Brotherhood...

Marcus Bonfanti

The “Fame” element?  Well obviously, I’d love to be playing my music in front of thousands of people.  I’d love my music to touch thousands of people like my favourite artists did to me, but it’s all a progression.  For me, it’s always about the music and I just want to make things that I’m proud of and that can blow peoples’ minds.  I think you need to strive to carve out your unique place in life and say what you have to say that’s different from everyone else....

Walter Trout

I got back from Omaha and I was writing the record (Battle Scars) and I’m like… “Where’s that old phone?” There was a lot of stuff in there.  So it was the last day we were in the studio and I found the old phone in a place I’d never though of looking.  When we’d packed to come home from Omaha I’d put this old phone in my computer bag.  So I went onto the phone and I went on to the little recorder and I pushed the button and there was that lick that I’d done on an acoustic guitar and I went into the studio and I showed them the lick and I think we played it twice…and that’s what’s on there!