My influences definitely come through in my music, the sound feels very natural to me. I grew up listening to pipe music, (John D Burgess and Donald MacLeod), then when I discovered the blues it was a whole new world, Elmore James in particular had a major effect on me
— Gus Munro


Style: Scottish Folk Blues

Influences: Elmore James


The “College of Piping” at Otago Street where I learned to play my first instrument (the pipes), “Wintersgills” on Great Western Road where I played my 1st jam sessions, “Bo Bar” formerly Studio One (home of the Glasgow Blues scene) where I played some of my first gigs and then years later hosted the Sun Jam session with Jim Ward.

The location in the photograph is “Websters Theatre” in Byres Road.  This is a cracking venue with a great feel to it.  It’s an old church that is currently being renovated and is one of the many venues in the West End of Glasgow that I have a connection with.



                                                                                                                                                                    gus munro

webster's theatre